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The Modelling Process
Information Required
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Model Construction
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Information Required

The following information is required in order to design, construct and operate a working scale model of a transfer chute.

Design data

  • Head pulley diameter
  • Belt width
  • Belt thickness
  • Incoming belt speed
  • Load-out belt speed
  • Conveyor inclination angles
  • Ore particle size
  • Ore bulk density range
  • Ore moisture range
  • Throughput in tph.
  • Belt loading factors
  • Troughing angles


Drawings of the proposed or existing chute are required, so that scale model can be constructed. These can be transmitted electronically in any standard drawing format. Alternatively, hard copies of drawings can be sent by mail.

Background to the proposed design

What types of problems have been experienced with this chute in the past? What are the critical features of the chute function? Has there been any change in the ore type?


If the chute is an existing one, it can be very helpful to have photographs of the salient features of the chute in order to ensure that the modelling process is duplicating the existing behaviour.