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The Modelling Process
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The Modelling Process

Initial enquiries with BSM can be made by telephone or email. During initial discussions, aspects of the proposed project such as scope and timing can be discussed, and points regarding the modelling technique can be clarified.

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Based on the information provided, a quotation for the Modelling task will be supplied.

Following acceptance of the quotation, a model will be constructed, normally in transparent Perspex, and normally at 1/10 scale.

Based on the properties of the material being handled by the transfer chute, one or more materials will be selected for use as a model ore.

The model will be mounted on the test rig, and the model ore will be run through it, with visual observations being made of the behaviour of the ore.

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Video clips and still photographs of the chute performance will be provided, together with suggestions for design modifications if necessary.

Modifications to the model will be made according in consultation with the client, and the revised model will be trialed on the test rig. This process can be repeated as necessary to achieve the desired result.